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International Students/外籍學位生定義


外籍學位生定義 / Definition of International Degree Student 


Those who follow the Degree Student Admission  procedure byInternational Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan and understake an Undergradaute, Mater's or PhD degree are called "International Degree Student"


入學申請  / Admission  

2019外籍生入學簡/  Handbook for International Student in Admission 2019

線上入學申請 /   On-line Applying Admission 2019  ( 申請開放期間 available during 1/2~31/5, 2019) 


外籍學位生獎學金/Scholarship Regulation

中臺科技大學外籍學生補助辦法 (適用2017年起入學者) 

 International Student Financial Support of Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology  


2019外籍新生接機調查/Form for Airport Pick-up Service for Freshman (not available now)           


Forms to Download


健康檢查項目表 / Items Required for Health Certificate (Type B) 


中華民國簽證線上申請 / Application form for Resident Visa 



居留證申請(換發) / Application form for ARC (Alien Resident Card)

持居留簽證入境或於境內獲發居留簽證者,應於入境或取得居留簽證後15日內至居留地服務站申辦居留證(否則罰鍰為新臺幣2,00010,000元)。Foreigners holding resident visa or changing to resident visa should go to local immigration service center to apply for alien resident certificates within 15 days counted from the next day of arrival or the next day of receiving resident visa in Taiwan. (Otherwise, the penalty will be NT$2,000-10,000.)


 工作證申請說明 / Application EZ Chart  for Work Permit  

工作證申請網址 / Work Permit apply online

勞動部勞動力發展署 Workforce Development Agency,Ministry of Labor 

外國人在臺工作服務網  EZ Work Taiwan apply online


畢業後留台工作  /  EZ work in Taiwan after graduation

僑外生工作評點配額制(勞動力發展署「外國人在臺工作服務網」)  連結點 /       

Overseas Chinese or Foreign Student Graduated in the R.O.C. to Work in Taiwan   click here


Other Useful Links


Information for foreigners   *提供在臺外國人所須知之各項資訊 Provides all kinds of information that a foreigner needs to know in Taiwan.
Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs  *簽證與其他相關業務 Visa and related information.
National Immigration Agency  *申請換發外僑居留證之單位 ARC application.
Ministry of Education *提供留學臺灣之各式資訊 Provides all kinds of information about studying in Taiwan.                                                 

National Health Insurance*申請健保資格說明  The Act of National Health Insurance and qualification.


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